Chris Ryan – Law enforcement officer recruiting has changed dramatically in a few short years. The “new” environment is challenging police, sheriffs and other public safety agencies to adapt and rethink their efforts to recruit high quality candidates.

The new breed of applicants has perspectives and experiences that are vastly different from previous years. Today’s police officer candidates are more educated, knowledgeable, tech savvy, impatient, casual and self-entitled than ever before. Basically, the rules have changed!

Our comprehensive, progressive police recruiter education program provides crucial information, techniques and skill sets required to be successful and win in today’s heated recruiting market.

My knowledge and expertise in coaching police leaders and supervisors in media relations, communications and marketing across the United States and around the world give me an exceptional advantage and perspective.

I look forward to helping you and your team increase and modernize their recruiting efforts. I’m committed to the challenge of bringing the highest caliber police officer candidates to your police department, sheriff’s office or public safety agency.



Police media relations, communications expert Chris Ryan shared his knowledge and insight during two speaking engagements at the Annual California Police Chiefs Association conference.

Mr. Ryan spoke about the difficult issues facing police executives in the 21st century including non-lethal weapons, homeland security, aggressive news reporting & more.

Ryan stressed the need for police to face tough issues head-on and speak-out when news coverage is skewed or inaccurate.

“Law enforcement has been a victim too
long. It’s time to stand up and fight back
when people make false allegations about
your department,” said Ryan.

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