Police Recruiter Boot Camp Seminar

‘Police Recruiter Boot Camp Seminar’

3-day Certification Course

Progressive Police Recruiter Training • High caliber instruction, Unconventional
ideas, PR, Social Media, videos, exercises & more.


  • Progressive recruiting on Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  • What is our recruiting website really saying?
  • Guerilla recruiting techniques
  • This 1% you really need!
  • Recruiting unconventional officer candidates
  • Your best candidates are right there… go talk to them!
  • How much should we prep them?
  • Start an attrition fight!
  • Career or JOB: What are we selling?
  • “Real world” of aggressive police recruiting
  • Getting out of “old days” mentality
  • Closing the deal like a pro
  • “Speak to their listening” – Psychology of a great recruiter
  • Creative events for 1-on-1 conversations
  • Are career/job fairs a waste of time and $$?
  • Uncover secret untapped markets worldwide
  • Secrets & tricks for great media coverage
  • Developing a cutting-edge recruiting site
  • Marketing campaigns with impact & more


Police Recruiter Boot Camp Seminar

Saint Charles (St. Louis), Missouri · Sept. 28-30, 2017

$595 per person – Limited seating available

Phone: 602-445-6442 or e-mail