A boot camp of a different kind is impacting the way that fire, police officials and public
information officers communicate with the public and news media.


PIO Boot Camp™ is a 4-day intensive training event designed to take attendees
through the ever-changing news and social media communications environment.


Instructor Chris Ryan, an internationally recognized media relations and crisis
communications expert created the ground-breaking PIO Boot Camp for fire,
police, and other public safety officials.


Attendees learn the fundamentals of news & social media relations and its important
role in communicating with the public and news media. Mr. Ryan’s unique teaching
style enables officials attending to retain more information through candid class
discussions, eye-opening videos, role-playing exercises and more.


“It’s an extraordinary way to bring fire, police, fire and public safety officials and
spokespersons together,” says Ryan. “We train as a group and gain tremendous
insight from a variety of perspectives.”


“I provide my students the ‘real world’ information and skills they’ll need for times when
plans, books and charts aren’t feasible and solid knowledge and experience is crucial,”
said Ryan.


I want to personally invite you to attend my PIO Boot Camp. I promise that you’ll be
engaged, inspired, motivated and ready to take on real world challenges and
situations that your fire department or public safety agency is facing.


Crisis & Incident Command Communications
•    Perception vs. Reality – Educating a skeptical audience
•    Your “open-door policy” may be a career killer
•    There’s a problem with those words!
•    Guerrilla tactics to get your message out
•    Facebook, YouTube & Twitter are news!
•    You may NOT need a media policy
•    News coverage trends: Are you prepared?
•    Social Media Revolution: Tricks, secrets & pitfalls
•    Videos: Good, bad & ugly of news interviews
•    “Cyber Activism” is a game changer for Police & Fire Dept.’s
•    Brand & Reputation Mgmt. for your department
•    When to respond & when to just “shut up!”
•    Apps & tech for an overwhelmed PIO
•    Write more effective news releases, posts & tweets
•    Secrets & tricks reporters don’t want you to know
•    Take the heart out of a negative news story
•    Emergency responses to toughest media questions

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